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Dr. Chevelta Salutes
COVID-19 Frontline Workers and Medical Professionals with her new book:
Let’s R.E.S.T.—Release Emotion and Stress Together Inspirational Journal: COVID-19 Frontliners Edition


Dr. Chevelta appears on

national television

Dr. Chevelta shares her

expertise and advice, as

she enjoys her Cornerstone Television Network interview. She is a highly sought-after Doctor, Conference Speaker and Mentor.

Medical Doctor

As a gynecologist, I am all too familiar with the reality of menopause that my fellow women and patients experience at some point on their journey of womanhood. But MANOpause? What is that?  Is it even real? 


Who said parenting was easy?  Nobody I know. And I bet, nobody you know either.  Let’s face it—parenting is hard! Especially when your child decides to go in a direction opposite than where you are leading them. Let’s be honest, it feels like a punch to the center of your gut, when you’re leading your child up the high road, and he or she decides to take . . .


Giving “The Talk” to your daughter can be absolutely scary to think about as a parent. Invite Dr. Chevelta, a board certified gynecologist, to share the essentials of the Birds and the Bees with your children before it’s too late. . . 

A Motivation


You are beautiful just how

you are! You are fearfully and

wonderfully made! I want you to

fully embrace and love YOU!