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As a physician, I’ve written thousands of prescriptions (Rx) for various medications to help my patient’s overcome an ailment and live a healthier, longer, and satisfying life. Penicillin, Glyburide, Estrogen, and Zoloft are of few of the many medications I’ve prescribed.  Well now—I’ve written a unique one for you! You guessed it! It’s a prescription for Greatness! So. . . you may be wondering, ”Why a prescription for Greatness?” Honestly—I’m so glad you asked!


You see—I believe that we were all born to be great! Unfortunately, like myself, many us have experienced trauma, challenges, and other things (or people) in our lives that negatively impacted our confidence, self esteem, and security in believing that we’re capable of achieving our goals, greatness, and purpose. For some of us, these experiences (separately or collectively) not only rob us of our confidence, but then replace it with fear and/or low self esteem. 


Just like the prescriptions I’ve written during the years I’ve practiced medicine  were meant to help people overcome an ailment and live a more satisfying life; I believe this prescription for you to join my “Born to Be Great” masterclass will provide the right dose of principles and tools necessary to help you to overcome fear & doubt and live a more satisfying life. 

Copy of Variety Business Bundle_Flyers_001 (8).png
Copy of Variety Business Bundle_Flyers_001 (8).png

Required course material:
Can I Push? 
Paperback or Ebook
& Can I Push Journal

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The Doctor is in!

Get Your Prescription for Greatness!
Enroll in the Born To Be Great Masterclass Series!

Dr. Chevelta is offering six amazing modules! Each module consists of four classes! The introductory cost for the first four-week module is only $99.00 + tax & $1.99 handling fee. She will share her expertise on birthing and push you into your purpose! Register now! 

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Module 1: Mindset

Module 2: The Beginning of Purpose

Module 3: The Beginning of Greatness

Module 4: The Development of Greatness/Purpose

Module 5: The Maturation of Greatness

Module 6: The Birthing of Greatness

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