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Accomplishing dreams and goals can be a very difficult challenge for many individuals. Although the difficulties can vary, the unfortunate result is that many quit. They allow fear, insecurity, doubt, and lack of energy to continue, to prevent them from moving forward. Sadly, many were much closer to manifesting their goals and dreams at the very moment they gave up. Moreover, it is often our mindset that holds us back from achieving what we were destined to accomplish.


In this Born to Be Great Masterclass Series, Dr. Chevelta will utilize her expertise as a board certified OB/Gyn to walk you through a unique understanding of how birthing the greatness inside of you parallels so closely to the process needed to birth human life.  The Masterclass is composed of six modules. Each module is 4 weeks. In this first module Dr. Chevelta will focus on Mindset, specifically your mindset regarding yourself and how it may be impacting your ability to manifest your greatness. "To know thyself is the beginning of wisdom!" 

Born to Be Great Module 1: Mindset

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