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Let's R.E.S.T.--Release Emotion and Stress Together is an inspirational journal created for COVID-19 frontline workers and medical professionals to encourage, uplift, and foster connection through inspiration. This journal is more than a book. It is a resource to help individuals assess their mood daily and begin to recognize when their ability to cope with stress is heading into a danger zone that, left unaddressed, can lead to burnout, depression, and unfortunately suicide.


Let's R.E.S.T. is a unique journal filled with uplifting messages from individuals all over the world, written to the medical superheroes of the COVID 19 pandemic. These heartfelt messages represent people from the 50 United States of America, Canada, Puerto Rico, U.S. Virgin Islands, Africa, Asia, Australia, Europe, and South America.  Together, their messages of appreciation, along with Dr. Chevelta's daily audio inspirational Morning Huddles for Medical Professionals and her R.E.S.T. Assessment Tool are sure to encourage uplift, and empower frontline workers and medical professionals everywhere during these challenging times within this 2020 pandemic.

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Did you ever think that the process needed to birth your purpose would be exactly the same pregnancy process needed to birth human life? Well it is!  And just like natural pregnancy, the journey to delivering your purpose can be exciting and wonderful, yet scary and uncomfortable.  Without a doubt, every pregnancy is memorable--even the ones that end with the birth of your dreams, goals, and purpose.  Like normal pregnancy which last about 40ish weeks (give or take a few), there are many moments and feeling to capture and remember. 


This Can I Push? Journal , like many pregnancy journals, is a keepsake for you to write down the wonderful things you experience--internally and externally--as you prepare to birth the greatness inside of you.  It will also guide you through an amazing voyage to self-exploration and discovery as you continue this unique journey to delivering your dreams and goals to its end.  This journal can be used separately or as a companion to the Can I Push? Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose book. 


How do you know when you are ready to push out that idea, dream, or desire you've been carrying for so long? How can you be sure when you push it out that it will be healthy, successful, and it will become all that you imagined? Matter of fact, how do you even know if it is the right time to deliver?

Dr. Chevelta Smith found that the answers to these questions, and more, lie right inside of us—LITERALLY!!! As a board certified Obstetrician/Gynecologist, Dr. Smith has had a front row seat to the design, development, and delivery of many of life's greatest gifts. When she answered the call to ministry, she quickly noticed that the same processes she had to explain to her patients, concerning what was happening inside of their bodies during pregnancy, overlapped significantly with the counsel she gave her parishioners regarding the questions they had about birthing their own gifts and dreams.

Can I Push? Offers one of the most unique perspectives written today about delivering your purpose. From conception to delivery, Dr. Smith shares the many lessons God revealed to her through her medical practice experiences with respect to acknowledging, confirming, nurturing, and delivering what's inside of you.

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