Can I Push? Journal

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Did you ever think that the process needed to birth your purpose would be exactly the same pregnancy process needed to birth human life? Well it is! And just like natural pregnancy, the journey to delivering your purpose can be exciting and wonderful, yet scary and uncomfortable. Without a doubt, every pregnancy is memorable—even the ones that end with the birth of your dreams, goals, and purpose. Like normal pregnancy which last about 40ish weeks (give or take a few), there are many moments and feelings to capture and remember. This Can I Push? Journal, like many pregnancy journals, is a keepsake for you to write down the wonderful things you experience—internally and externally—as you prepare to deliver the greatness inside of you. It will also guide you through an amazing voyage to self-exploration and discovery as you continue this unique journey to its end. This journal is a companion to the Can I Push? Understanding the Process to Delivering Your Purpose book.

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