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The Board of Black Physicians (BoBP) is a collaborative forum promoting dialogue and discovery between physicians, their patients, and their families.  It was founded by Dr. Chevelta A. Smith on Clubhouse in January 2021. This network will focus not only on educating in the areas of medicine and health, but it will also commit to supporting and pushing forward the essential agenda regarding the emotional well-being of physicians. 


BoBP is a community that extends a platform of shared knowledge and integrated information for all while also advocating for change concerning health disparities,  inequalities, and discrimination within the black and brown community.


Most importantly, BoBP’s goal is to encourage, uplift , and inspire physicians and medical professionals everywhere through the power of connections and communication.  Dr. Chevelta’s overall mission is to build physical, emotional, and spiritual resilience by providing a platform to facilitate:


Releasing Stress via the power of Inspiration

Refueling Emotional tanks via the power of Appreciation

Restoring Physical Strength via the power of Relaxation

Recharging Spiritual well-being via the power of Affirmation

Renewing Togetherness via the power of Communication

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